Before you start using BetterPay

By using BetterPay, you agree to the following points:

    • BetterPay is an online payment channel through which your funds move from your clients to your destination, a partner financial institution. Funds can also be moved directly to your MoMo/OM account.
    • BetterPay is not a wallet. Funds collected are not stored on the platform. Your account balance checks and withdrawals are handled by the partner institution you are connected to.
    • The choice of a partner institution is strictly yours. BetterPay is not responsible for any losses or damages caused by any institution connected to its platform. While we make sure to collaborate with the best trustworthy institutions and work hard to assure customer satisfaction we recognize that things can get out control sometimes.
    • You may be required to pay a yearly maintenance fee and a per- transaction charge. These are required to assure the maintenance and upgrade of the platform
    • All data collected through the registration form (name, email,address) and through any payment action (phone numbers, emails, names) are stored on the betterPay platform for purposes of intended transactions. BetterPay team may use the data only within the framework of the platform
    • All technical queries related to the functioning of the platform may be directed to BetterPay Support team. Any other issue that has to do with funds (accessing your account balance, printing of transaction statement, withdrawal, etc) should be directed to the partner institution to which you are connected.
    • Data available on BetterPay to its clients include transaction history, filtered by phone numbers, emails, transaction type and date range.
    • BetterPay is not a shopping script. Therefore stock and inventory management, and shopping cart conversion are not available on the platform.
    • The BetterPay APIs are available for integration into online properties. They facilitate collection of funds from your website or app to your bank account.