SMS Marketing with BetaSMS

BetaSMS is Better Planning's SMS marketing service, allowing users to send transactional and bulk text messages nationwide.


Your BetterPay account will be connected to your BetaSMS account. This allows you to send marketing campaigns, reminders and announcements to your BetterPay payers.For instance, if Mr. A uses BetterPay to make payment to you, you will be able to send to him messages coming from you.


Buy SMS Credit
Choose an SMS pack below. Make payment with MoMo/OM or bank card using BetterPay. Once payment is confirmed, contact us with your betterPay code found in the payment email sent to you after payment.


SMS Pack Cost Per SMS Number of SMS Minimum Pay with MoMo/OM/CC
StarterPack 13 FCFA 1000 13,000 FCFA
Runner 10 FCFA 5000 50,000 FCFA
Speed 8.5 FCFA 10000 85,000 FCFA
Speedx 7 FCFA 50000 350,000 FCFA


Buy a number of SMS out of the packages:

14 FCFA per message (Minimum is 100).