How BetterPay works

BetterPay is a simple payment tool that allows merchants to collect funds from their clients straight to their bank accounts. These are the three main categories of users on BetterPay:




These are Banks and MFIs who provide banking facilities to their customers. For you as a partner to be able to use this tool, you will need an account with any of these Institutions. Your Bank Account will be linked to your BetterPay Accounts and all your payments through the platform will be instantly deposited to your account at a ridiculously low fee.


Institutions are responsible for creating partners account on BetterPay. If you own a business and you want to use this tool for funds collection, contact any of our institutions for details. If you want to become an institution connected to BetterPlay; please contact us. This is one of the best ways to increase liquidity while making more profit.




These are independent businesses (Hotels, Schools, Shops, Restaurants, Hospitals, Freelancers, etc) who want the ease and security of BetterPay. This platform provides easy tools to facilitate funds collection from your customers. As a partner, you will be able to create different types of payment links, create and manage account for your clients, initiate payment from your backoffice, etc. Your funds are sent instantly to your bank account.




These are consumers who make payments for goods and services through the platform. If you are a school, your clients are students who pay their fees through the platform. If you are a restaurant, your clients are eaters who can easily make payment for a plate of Ekwang straight to your bank account.


If you still don't know why you should start using BetterPay to collect funds, take a look at these advantages.