BetterPay Advantages

Here are some reasons you should start using BetterPay today if you run a business (Hotel, School, Restaurant, Shop, Freelancing, etc)


  • Eliminate the risk of keeping money at your business site. This exposes you to rubbery and losses.
  • No more issues with having to give "change" to your customers as they pay directly using their phones.
  • Almost everyone has an MTN MoMo or ORANGE MONEY account. So that makes it more reliable
  • Your funds are deposited straight to your bank account. This means you have instant access to your money. With our free Mobile Banking App (Used by partner institutions), you can deal with your money as you want (Pay bills, pay salaries, withdraw to MoMo/OM, etc).
  • Very friendly rates. There are no account deposit charges.
  • No more risk of losing money in case of phone theft.

If you want to know how BetterPay functions, click here.