Mobile Wallet and Credit Card Payments.

We send your Mobile Wallet, Credit/Debit Card Payments from your clients (from 16+ countries) through our platform straight to your bank account for FREE. No more waiting for funds transfer. Instantly access your funds!

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Ease of use

The easiest way to collect funds from your clients. No long tapping on mobile. Just a simple click to confirm payments

Top Security

Dealing with raw cash exposes your activities to attacks by evil men. No more carrying funds around. No more fears of your phones being hacked.

Straight To Bank

We don't keep your funds online. Your payments are straigh away sent to your bank account for instant access


Who is BetterPay.Online for?

If customers come to your site and make payments (eg Hotels, Schools and Training Centers, etc), If you sell services or products online and you want customers to pay by Mobile Wallet or Credit Cards, this is a perfect service for you. Do you talk to clients and sell on Social Media? this is the most secured and practical way to collect funds without exposing your phone numbers. Do you have a shop? stop collecting cash at site. We bring you a friendly and secured solution that deals with the problem of theft, money losses and change


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For Financial Insitutions

Institutions should grab this opportunity to give their customers a flexible way to collect and deposit funds in their accounts.
BetterPay is a surefire way to increase liquidity with little efford.

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